Name Summary
Beggars CanyonBeggar's Canyon is a treacherous ravine on Tatooine, where Luke Skywalker trained piloting.
Canto BightCanto Bight is a casino city on the desert planet Cantonica, known for its lavish atmosphere where the galaxy's wealthiest beings come to gamble and indulge in luxury
Death Star TrenchThe Death Star Trench is the vulnerable location targeted in Star Wars' iconic space battles.
Inner RimInner Rim is a region in the Star Wars galaxy known for its civilized and prosperous planets.
Lucky LekkuLucky Lekku is a cantina in Mos Eisley in Star Wars.
Mako TaA Space Dock, also known as Mako-Ta Base and Mako-Ta Space Docks
MortisMortis is a mystical realm in Star Wars, representing the balance between the Force.
Mos Eisley CantinaMos Eisley Cantina is a notorious Star Wars bar on planet Tatooine.
Mos PelgoMos Pelgo is a town located on Tatooine and is featured in "The Mandalorian" TV series.
Mount TantissMount Tantiss is a key location in Star Wars, housing Emperor Palpatine's hidden cloning facility.
Naboo PalaceNaboo Palace, the Royal Palace of Naboo, is the iconic residence of Queen Amidala in Star Wars.
New Republic AcademyNew Republic Academy is a training facility for Jedi in the Star Wars universe.
Perlemian Trade RoutePerlemian Trade Route is a major hyperspace route connecting planets in the Star Wars galaxy.
Rancor PitThe Rancor Pit is where a monstrous beast battles victims in Jabba's Palace.
Skystrike AcademySkystrike Academy is an Imperial flight school featured in Star Wars canon.
Starkiller BaseStarkiller Base is a planet-sized superweapon that features in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
Starlight BeaconStarlight Beacon is a crucial outpost in the Star Wars galaxy, promoting peace and unity.
Teth MonasteryTeth Monastery is a former B'omarr Monk abbey in Star Wars, prominently featured in "The Clone Wars" series.
The World Between WorldsThe World Between Worlds is a mystical realm connecting all time and space in Star Wars.
Tibanna Gas PlatformsTibanna Gas Platforms are facilities in Star Wars for extracting valuable Tibanna gas.