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Starlight Beacon


The Starlight Beacon, also known as the Starlight Station, is a significant structure both architecturally and symbolically within the manifested Star Wars universe. Introduced in the "High Republic" era of Star Wars literature, the Beacon is essentially a waystation and a beacon of hope located near the Galactic Frontier, in the Outer Rim territories. Considering the period, it was built during the height of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, primarily aiming to extend the reach of both these institutions further into the galaxy, transcending the well-known territories.

The initiative championed by Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh and managed by the Jedi aimed at providing services including, but not limited to emergency aid, route navigation, and cultural enlightenment for the communities it served. In effect, Starlight Beacon served a double purpose - it offered practical support for new hyperspace routes development and represented the powerful, benevolent presence of the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.

In terms of design, the architectural Marvel that is Starlight Beacon consists of open, vast halls and spaces for training Jedi, a council chamber, and ample spaces aimed at promoting interactions and collaborations between diverse species and beings. It also houses a landmark feature - 'The Beacon' itself, a powerful signal transmitter aiding spaceships with navigational services, especially in undesired and unforeseen emergency situations.

The construction of Starlight Beacon is a detailed process, as evidenced in the High Republic novel series. With the combined efforts of many engineers, architects, and Jedi artificers over a stretched period, the result culminates in a magnificent, towering structure reflecting the height of Jedi and Republic power and influence across the vastness of space.

Since its introduction to the Star Wars "Expanded Universe", Starlight Beacon has been subject to various storylines, including being a hotspot for dramatic events and incidents, ranging from disasters to diplomatic manoeverings. Throughout its existence, however, it remains to uphold its primary purpose as a 'beacon of light' emanating the principles of hope, cooperation, and relentless pursuit towards universal peace.

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