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Inner Rim


The Inner Rim, also known as the Inner Rim Territories or Inner Rim Systems, is a region of the galaxy in the Star Wars universe that is found between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. It's a collection of diverse planets that include economically prosperous worlds as well as underdeveloped planets. The Inner Rim was originally thought to be the end of the galaxy until the discovery and subsequent exploration of the Outer Rim.

Notable planets and systems within the Inner Rim include Onderon, Taanab, Manaan, Yag'Dhul and the Hapes Cluster to name a few. Onderon, for instance, is famous for its historic conflicts between beast-riders and the ruling monarchs, as depicted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Another, the Hapes Cluster, is known for being a matriarchal society and with its significant fleet, it is a major political player in the Star Wars universe.

The Inner Rim also holds significance in the fact that one of its planets, Jakku, is where we meet Rey, the primary protagonist in the sequel trilogy. Rey was left on the desert planet by her parents and was forced to scrape by as a scavenger until fate set her on the path to become a Jedi. It is also in the Inner Rim where the pivotal Battle of Jakku took place towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, when the New Republic scored an important victory over the remnants of the Empire.

The Inner Rim's diverse nature is also showcased through planets like Antar 4, heavily featured in the Clone Wars as the native planet of the Gotal species and a source of political friction, and Corporate Sector, an independent fiefdom moving away from the central galactic governance to run its own affairs.

The societal status of the Inner Rim shifted over various eras. Initially, it was a sparsely populated area largely avoided by early explorers due to hyperlane instability. Later, in the time of the Galactic Republic, it transformed into a bustling area of activity featuring a mix of well-established and frontier worlds. During Imperial rule, however, conditions worsened for many occupants.

the Inner Rim's strategic location and the variety of its planets played a significant role in galactic politics throughout the Star Wars saga. Whether as battlefields, homeworlds of key characters, or settings for important events, the Inner Rim's influence spans across multiple arcs of the Star Wars narrative.

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