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Starkiller Base


Starkiller Base, as its name suggests, is a military base with immense destructive capability, in the popular Star Wars franchise, making its first appearance in the seventh episode, "The Force Awakens." Built and operated by the malevolent First Order, it exhibited the ability to harness and weaponize the raw energy of a star, thereby earning its menacing title. This snowy, forest-covered planet was transformed into a superweapon, overshadowing the ominous Death Stars in both scale and destruction potency.

The planet was originally known as Ilum, located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It was a sacred place for the Jedi, a rich source of Kyber Crystals, which were the power sources for the Jedi's lightsabers. However, with the rise of the First Order, the planet was exploited and hollowed out to fit in a monstrous weapon capable of destroying entire planetary systems.

The mechanics of the Starkiller Base were nothing short of complex and terrifying. It absorbed the mass of a nearby star until it vanished and stored it as Dark Energy, denoted as "quintessence". When the weapon was fired, that quintessence was made into phantom energy, travelling faster than light speed to accurately hit a target, causing catastrophic destruction. This made the Starkiller Base not just a weapon of mass destruction, but a rather efficient, long-range one.

Its technological prowess was beyond comparison, but it was not invulnerable. It had its vulnerabilities exploited by a small team of Resistance fighters, who managed to expose its thermal oscillator. This resulted in the overload and subsequent destabilization of the energy chains, causing a massive explosion that consumed the base, obliterating it and transforming it back into the star it used to consume.

Among its numerous and diverse inhabitants, the base housed stormtroopers, officers, scientists, and engineers. Despite its seemingly Invincible aura, the fate of Starkiller Base serves as a reminder of the fine line between harnessing power and succumbing to the same.

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