Name Summary
Abyssin MercenariesAbyssin Mercenaries are a group of ruthless bounty hunters seen in the Star Wars universe.
Banking ClanThe Banking Clan is a financial institution and key player in Star Wars' Galactic economy.
Black Sun Criminal SyndicateThe Black Sun Criminal Syndicate is a vast and influential criminal organization that operates within the Star Wars universe, involved in various illicit activities across multiple eras and known for their significant presence in the criminal underworld.
Clan VizslaClan Vizsla is a Mandalorian clan notable for its darksaber-wielding leaders and warrior history.
Commerce GuildThe Commerce Guild is a powerful galactic trade organization within the Star Wars universe.
Czerka CorporationCzerka Corporation is a well-known corporate entity within the Star Wars universe that specializes in manufacturing and trading goods, operating mining operations, and engaging in shady business practices throughout the galaxy.
Guardians of the WhillsGuardians of the Whills is a book that explores the backstory of the characters from Rogue One.
Guavian Death GangThe Guavian Death Gang is a criminal organization featured in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
House KryzeHouse Kryze is a prominent Mandalorian noble family in the Star Wars universe.
Hut CouncilHut Council is a governmental body led by the Hutts in the Star Wars universe.
Hutt CartelThe Hutt Cartel is a criminal syndicate led by the Hutts in Star Wars.
KanjiklubKanjiklub is a criminal organization that Han Solo owes money to in Star Wars.
Martez sistersThe Martez sisters are characters introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.
Massassi GroupMassassi Group is a rebellion era organization of Rebel Alliance personnel and Jedi survivors.
Nihil MaraudersThe Nihil Marauders are a notorious pirate group featured in the High Republic era of Star Wars, known for their violent and disruptive actions that pose a threat to the galaxy.
Ohnaka GangThe Ohnaka Gang is a group of pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka, who appears in the Star Wars universe as a recurring character primarily seen in the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars Rebels," known for their involvement in various smuggling and raiding activities.
Ohnaka Transport SolutionsOhnaka Transport Solutions is a starship maintenance service in the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
Order of BomarThe Order of the Bomarr is a monastic group in Star Wars.
PartisansThe Partisans are a Rebel group in Star Wars fighting against the Empire.
Phoenix CellPhoenix Cell is a rebel cell led by Jedi Kanan Jarrus during the Clone Wars.
Scrappers GuildThe Scrappers Guild is a group that salvages and repurposes starships in the Star Wars universe.
Sienar Fleet SystemsSienar Fleet Systems is a major starship manufacturer known for creating iconic Imperial TIE fighters.
Son-tuul PrideThe Son-tuul Pride is a criminal syndicate in the Star Wars galaxy.
Spice Runners of KijimiThe Spice Runners of Kijimi are a criminal organization in the Star Wars universe.
Tagge CorporationTagge Corporation is an influential corporate entity in the Star Wars universe.
Volzang Li-ThrullVolzang Li-Thrull is a Hutt crime lord from the Star Wars universe.
Weequay PiratesWeequay Pirates are a group of humanoid pirates featured in the Star Wars franchise.
Xrexus CartelThe Xrexus Cartel is a criminal syndicate in the Star Wars universe that operates in illicit activities, often dealing in the trafficking and selling of rare and exotic artifacts.