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Volzang Li-Thrull


The Volzang Li-Thrull is a relatively obscure species in the Star Wars universe. It appeared in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game's "Ultimate Alien Anthology," a book published by Wizards of the Coast in 2003. These creatures were indigenous to the planet Iskalon, a predominantly aquatic planet in the Star Wars galaxy, and they were categorized as aquatic sentients.

The uniqueness of the Volzang Li-Thrull lies in their physical form and abilities. The species possessed a distinct jellyfish-like appearance with numerous tentacles extending from their bodies. They had luminous bodies capable of emitting bright light, which proved advantageous as they resided in the murky depths of the Iskalonian ocean. Moreover, the Volzang Li-Thrull could alter the color and intensity of their light to communicate, not possessing any vocal cords for conventional verbal communication.

As a species, the Volzang Li-Thrulls had many interesting characteristics, including their strong sense of Community. They thrived on interactions with others for survival and maintained a collective consciousness in which individual Volzang Li-Thrulls could store or retrieve information. Their lifespan remained a mystery, with estimates stretching from a few years to several millennia. Despite their peculiarities, the Volzang Li-Thrulls are relatively unknown in the broader Star Wars fandom due to their limited appearances.

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