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Ugnaughts are a species of short, pig-like humanoids found in the vast universe of Star Wars. They originate from the planet Gentes and are often seen performing roles as laborers and engineers due to their industrious nature. Due to the inhospitable conditions on their home planet, they have developed strong affiliations towards Community and hard work. Known for their skills in machinery operation and technological tasks, they are regularly employed in environments such as Cloud City of Bespin.

In terms of physical characteristics, Ugnaughts are recognized for their small stature, typically standing less than one meter tall. They possess pink skin, white hair, and porcine features such as a snout-like nose. One notable Ugnaught character in the Star Wars franchise includes Kuiil, who plays a significant role in The Mandalorian series. Despite often being represented as secondary characters, Ugnaughts have greatly contributed to furthering the plotlines in the Star Wars narrative universe.

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