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The Gorax is a towering creature that comes from the Star Wars universe. Standing approximately 20 meters tall, Goraxes primarily inhabit the forest moon of Endor. They are widely recognized as one of the most fearsome creatures in the Endorian wilderness. Goraxes are typically known for their aggressive behavior and immense strength, preying on smaller creatures, including the Ewoks.

The Ewoks are particularly terrified of these behemoths due to their destructive nature and historic conflicts. The Goraxes are mainly reclusive, living in deserted and remote areas, especially caves. They are characterized by their thick, fur-covered bodies, long limbs, and savage-looking faces with intense eyes. While they generally get portrayed as evil, it's worth noting that they act primarily on their instinct to survive and feed. Their depiction in the Star Wars universe offers a glimpse into the diversity of species across galaxies.

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