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New Republic Senate


The New Republic Senate, also known as the Galactic Senate, served as the main governing body of the New Republic, the coalition of star systems that emerged in the aftermath of the Galactic Empire’s fall. Initially formed in 4 ABY following the decisive Battle of Endor, the New Republic Senate sought to establish democracy and avoid the corruption that had plagued its predecessor, the Imperial Senate.

The New Republic Senate was responsible for the formation of the single, unified government and served as a forum for negotiating treaties and forming new laws. Situated on Chandrila at its Inception, the Senate represented a countless number of star systems that were part of the New Republic. Each senator was a representative of a member world, providing a voice for their respective planetary system on crucial matters of governance.

Unlike The Old Republic Senate which remained synonymous with Coruscant, the New Republic Senate was designed to be nomadic. The capital of the New Republic and the seat of the Senate would be chosen by election every several years and moved accordingly. This was believed to circumvent the concentration of power on one central planet and encourage a sense of shared responsibility and power among member worlds.

In an effort to safeguard against excessive centralization of power, the New Republic Senate was vested with most of the executive powers traditionally held by a head of state. There was no official president, but a Chancellor was elected from within the Senators’ ranks to preside over the Senate meetings, and they had a limited term of office.

The New Republic Senate eventually fell into the same patterns of inefficiency and corruption that plagued its predecessors, eventually leading to widespread disillusionment. This paved the way for the rise of the First Order, a successor state to the Galactic Empire. By 34 ABY, the New Republic Senate was destroyed by the Starkiller Base, marking an end to the New Republic’s era of relative peace and prosperity.

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