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Coruscant, also known as the "Jewel of the Core," is a planet located at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. Primarily an ecumenopolis, it is covered entirely in urban sprawl, serving as the center of politics, culture, and finance. The city-planet has played an essential role throughout the Star Wars universe's history, featuring countless stories from the time of The Old Republic to the New Republic’s era.

The origins of Coruscant date back to ancient times when it was known as Notron, the birthplace of the human species. As a hub for hyperspace routes, it eventually established itself as the capital of the Galactic Republic. The planet's exceptional location made it the epicenter of galactic trade and diplomacy, with the various worlds of the galaxy converging at the illustrious Galactic Senate. It was also home to the Jedi Order, whose legendary temple was built upon a Force nexus.

With the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant saw a drastic shift in its political landscape. Emperor Palpatine transformed it into the capital of his new regime, and the Jedi temple was razed and rebuilt into the Imperial Palace. The Empire also implemented totalitarian policies, aggressively suppressing any dissent and leading to a widespread climate of fear.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant became a symbol of tyranny and oppression. The Rebel Alliance saw it as the key to undermining the Empire’s rule and thus focused their efforts on gathering intelligence and conducting covert operations on the planet. Despite their attempts, the Empire maintained a tight grip on Coruscant, deploying its formidable security forces and iconic Star Destroyers to Quell any resistance.

Following the defeat of the Emperor and the collapse of the Empire, the New Republic took control of Coruscant, ushering in a new era of galactic governance. The Republic restored many of the democratic institutions lost during the Imperial times, and the city-planet once again became a beacon of hope. However, Coruscant’s future remained uncertain, as the re-emerging dark forces posed a threat to the fledgling government’s stability.

The surface of Coruscant is entirely covered in a multi-layered, sprawling cityscape. This vast Metropolis has over a thousand levels, each representing a different socio-economic class. The higher levels are characterized by several towering skyscrapers, where the wealthy and powerful reside. By contrast, the lower levels are known as the "underside," where crime is rampant, and various dangerous species lurk in the dark.

Coruscant’s highly diverse population consists of various species from across the galaxy, giving it a unique and vibrant culture. The planet is especially famous for its commerce, entertainment, and cuisine, catering to the diverse population’s tastes. However, there is a significant economic disparity between the upper and lower levels, which has perpetuated tensions and inequalities.

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