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The Amaxine were a civilization that has its origin in history extending far back into the days of The Old Republic era within the Star Wars universe. Known for their warrior ethos, the Amaxine vanished mysteriously for thousands of years until they returned during the time of the New Republic era, well after the fall of the Galactic Empire. The Amaxine were noted for their unique custom of settlement in locations of strategic importance for controlling the political landscape of surrounding systems, as well as for amassing significant military power.

Upon their emergence during the New Republic era, the Amaxine were known to have created some form of Alliance with Centrists, individuals that admired the ruling structure of the bygone Galactic Empire. Divisive political manoeuvrings in the New Republic facilitated this Alliance due to factions within the New Republic desiring stronger central control. The Amaxine warriors were, notoriously, extremists, and they did not hesitate to engage in illicit activities such as smuggling and covert attacks to further their cause or disrupt their enemies.

Despite their warrior nature, the Amaxine operated very discreetly, often maintaining low profiles. Their return was not an instantly recognized event in galactic affairs since they masterfully balanced their militant goals with their stealth-oriented strategies. Still, beneath this veil of secrecy, the Amaxines were known to finance various radical paramilitary movements.

The Amaxine's affinity to warfare led to specialized training that every member received. Equipped with superior battle tactics and strategies, they were formidable opponents that posed significant threats to various systems in the galaxy. Typically, Amaxine warriors preferred ground-based combat but were also known for their maturity in employing subterfuge when a direct attack was not ideal.

The Amaxine warriors' ultimate demise came during an operation on the planet of Sibensko. The operation was led by Leia Organa, the leader of the New Republic at the time and former princess of Alderaan. Leia discovered the hidden Amaxine base in Sibenso and led an attack which resulted in the loss of the Amaxine fleet and base. This heavily impacted the Amaxine's influence and control over the systems they operated in. Despite their significant losses, remnants of the Amaxine Warriors continue to operate albeit with less impact on galactic affairs.

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