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Mandalorian Wars


The Mandalorian Wars were an event in the Star Wars expanded universe, specifically The Old Republic era, which took place from 3976 BBY (Before The Battle of Yavin) to 3960 BBY. These wars were waged between The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders and the Galactic Republic. The wars originated from the Mandalorians's aggression, fueled by the desire for conquest and led by Mandalore the Ultimate.

Mandalore the Ultimate initiated the war by concentrating first on the Outer Rim territories, conquering world after world. It is believed that initially, the Jedi Order did not participate in the war as they felt no danger from the Outer Rim disruptions. But one of the Jedi Knights, Revan, along with his friend Malak, passionately appealed to the Jedi Council for intervention, believing it was a moral obligation to help those who were being threatened.

Revan and Malak's appeal was rejected by the Order, leading to a schism. However, Revan's charismatic appeal won many supporters, both Jedi and non-Jedi, prompting a sizable faction to form within the Order. This organization went against the Council's decision, joining the Republic forces against the Mandalorians, with Revan and Malak leading them.

The tide of the war shifted after Revan and Malak's involvement. Revan proved to be a military genius, planning successful strategies that led to several victories for the Republic forces. Malachor V, a climactic battle site, witnessed the end of The Mandalorian Wars, where Revan confronted and slew Mandalore the Ultimate, subsequently activating a superweapon that wiped out most of The Mandalorian forces as well as many Republic soldiers.

Despite the victory against the Mandalorians, the end of these wars did not bring peace immediately. Revan and Malak did not return to the Jedi Order, instead, they ventured into the Unknown Regions. In the darkness of space, they encountered the forgotten Sith Empire and were turned to the dark side and re-emerged as Darth Revan and Darth Malak, setting the stage for another conflict - the Jedi Civil War.

The Mandalorian Wars had a profound impact on the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, forever changing their destinies. It also served as an essential narrative component to the biography of Revan, one of the most significant figures in The Old Republic era.

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