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Malachor, known as Malachor V in the Star Wars Legends material, is a dark and mysterious planet with an ominous history in the Star Wars universe. It has appeared in various forms of media, including television series, comics, novels, and video games. Malachor is said to be a desolate and barren world, shrouded in darkness, with its surface marked by ancient ruins and the remains of great battles fought on its soil.

In the Star Wars canon timeline, Malachor was first mentioned in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series. It was later explored in greater detail in Star Wars: Rebels, where the world played a pivotal role in several episodes during the second season of the show. The planet's most iconic feature is the ancient Sith Temple found on its surface, known as the Great Scourge of Malachor, an underground superweapon designed to harness destructive energies and devastate entire armies. The superweapon is protected by a hidden chamber known as the Sith holocron chamber, which can only be accessed by those strong with the dark side of The Force.

The Great Scourge of Malachor also serves as an important historical site in the Star Wars universe, where a devastating battle was fought between the Sith and the Jedi, thousands of years prior to the events of the movies. This conflict left countless Jedi and Sith warriors dead, their bodies petrified and forever bound to the planet's surface as a haunting reminder of the battle's brutality. The tragic confrontation is a testament to the consequences of the dark side's allure and the ongoing struggle between good and evil in the galaxy.

In the Star Wars Legends timeline, Malachor V boasts a slightly different history, as a planet that played a crucial role in the Sith Empire's rise to power. In the video game Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, the protagonist (The Exile) visits Malachor V in search of knowledge and answers about the Sith's resurgence. The game reveals that Malachor V was a crucial battleground in the Mandalorian Wars and the site of an event known as the Mass Shadow Generator superweapon's activation, which created a massive gravity vortex that obliterated much of the planet, killing a significant number of Mandalorian warriors, as well as numerous Republic forces.

While Malachor's canonical and Legends histories share similarities, such as their significance to the Sith and their respective cataclysmic events, there are key differences that set the two versions apart. Malachor V's pivotal role in the Mandalorian Wars and the destruction from the Mass Shadow Generator are unique to the Legends material, while Malachor's Great Scourge, ancient Sith Temple, and subsequent appearances in Star Wars: Rebels are exclusive to the canon timeline.

Despite its dark past and desolate nature, the story of Malachor and its menacing Sith presence is a captivating part of the Star Wars mythos. It serves as a reminder that the lure of the dark side of The Force can have devastating consequences, and that the battle between good and evil within the galaxy is an ongoing, complex struggle. Malachor's haunted ruins and Legends are sure to remain an integral part of the Star Wars universe, as they continue to explore the vast and intricate lore of the galaxy far, far away.

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