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In the Star Wars universe, "Legends" refers to previously canonized content before Disney+'s acquisition of the franchise in 2012. This strip of canon includes a vast array of spin-off narratives, such as comics, novels, video games, and television series. The decision to rebrand these elements as "Legends" was made to pave the way for a new, singular continuity within the series.

The sheer scope of the "Legends" era is colossal, ranging from ancient mythologies and prophecies to detailed character backstories, political histories, and explorations of entirely new worlds. This era is broadly diverse, interweaving timelines that surpass thousands of years. Although some "Legends" content may be conflicting or controversial, fans appreciate the creative risks taken within this particular tier of Star Wars content.

Star Wars "Legends" introduced many unique characters, some of whom have been reintroduced into the formal canon. For instance, Grand Admiral Thrawn, a tactical genius hailing from the Chiss species, first appeared in the "Legends" book trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Following his popularity, Thrawn was reintroduced in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, and subsequentially in his very own canonical novel series.

At times, "Legends" has ventured into the territory of the mystical and fantastical. The prophesied "Chosen One" concept comes from this collection. The prophecy states that a powerful Jedi will be born to restore balance in The Force. Characters like Darth Revan and Starkiller also hail from the realms of the "Legends".

The Force, the mystical energy giving Jedi their power, has been deeply explored in "Legends". The series introduces new force abilities, exploring the dark and light side of The Force in a more detailed and nuanced manner. Expanded Universe also delves into the origins of The Sith and Jedi orders, serving its fans a dose of history and Star Wars lore.

Star Wars "Legends" holds a considerable position in Star Wars' overall narrative fabric. While the content may not be officially recognized within the franchise's canon, it has influenced and informed the current Star Wars universe in unprecedented ways. Ultimately, "Legends" carries with it a legacy of creativity, exploration, and unforgettable characters.

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