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The Kushiban are a mystical, diminutive species that originated from the Star Wars universe, specifically featuring in the Star Wars Legends continuity. Hailing from the verdant world of Kushibah, the most recognizable Kushiban is Ikrit, a character first introduced in the 1999 novel, 'Junior Jedi Knights: Anakin's Quest'. The Kushiban species is fascinating due to its close bond with nature, which is reflected in their distinctive physical features and unique abilities.

Kushiban are small, bunny-like creatures usually measuring about half a meter in length. They sport coats of fur that change color according to their emotional state, radiant orange when happy or bright red when in anger. The Kushiban have sharp claws along with large, floppy ears that help convey their emotional states and light-sensitive eyes which enable them to see exceptionally well in the dark. Additionally, they possess a prehensile tail which aids in various tasks.

One of the most interesting features of the Kushiban is their natural affinity for The Force, the mystical energy field that binds the galaxy together in Star Wars mythology. Some Kushiban, like Ikrit, were known Jedi, suggesting that this species can have a strong connection to The Force. Their long lifespans, reportedly uptick to 800 years, further highlight the unique characteristics of this species.

Usually peace-loving and cheerful, the Kushiban live in small burrows or huts made of mud and grass on their homeworld. Nature plays a vital role in their lives. They are known to share a close relationship with the environment, and this connection extends to a deep cultural veneration for the seasonal cycles and elements of nature.

The Kushiban, unfortunately, remain relatively obscure in the Star Wars canon. However, their presence adds a layer of depth and diversity to the Star Wars universe displaying a unique intersection of cuteness and mysticism. Notably, the character of Ikrit shines through as an embodiment of wisdom and courage, despite his minute stature, providing young Jedi Knights with guidance and proving that strength and size do not always correlate. The Kushiban's ability to tap into the Force whilst maintaining a strong bond with nature paints a vibrant picture of this lesser-known species within the beloved sci-fi franchise.

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