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Poe Dameron is a main character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, portrayed by actor Oscar Isaac. He first appeared in the 2015 film "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" and went on to feature in "The Last Jedi" (2017) and "The Rise of Skywalker" (2019). Originally a pilot for the New Republic, Poe became a member of the Resistance, an organization formed by General Leia Organa to oppose the First Order. Skilled in both aerial combat and leadership, his skills and bravery earned him the role of commander within the Resistance.

As the son of Kes Dameron and Shara Bey, both of whom were members of the Rebel Alliance, Poe was born and raised on the planet Yavin 4 shortly after the Battle of Endor, as detailed in the comics, "Star Wars: Shattered Empire" and "Star Wars: Poe Dameron." As a child, he was inspired by his parents’ stories and grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong which, in turn, inspired his decision to become a pilot and join the Resistance.

In "The Force Awakens," Poe is entrusted by General Organa with a mission to locate the map that leads to the missing Jedi, Luke Skywalker. During this mission, Dameron encounters Finn, a stormtrooper who defects from the First Order. Together, they escape the clutches of the First Order and form a strong friendship throughout the trilogy. Later on, Poe plays a pivotal role in leading the Resistance’s successful attack on Starkiller Base, the First Order’s planet-destroying superweapon.

In "The Last Jedi," Poe's leadership skills are tested and questioned. Initially, he clashes with Vice Admiral Holdo due to his risky, aggressive tactics that result in heavy losses for the Resistance. However, throughout the course of the movie, Poe learns the importance of strategic thinking and measured decision making. By the end of the film, he demonstrates these newfound skills by leading the remnants of the Resistance in their escape from the pursuing First Order forces on Crait.

In "The Rise of Skywalker," Poe is promoted to the rank of General by Leia Organa and is tasked with leading the Resistance against the Final Order - a massive fleet of planet-destroying Star Destroyers led by the resurrected Emperor Palpatine. Poe, alongside Finn and Rey, embarks on a quest to locate Exegol, the hidden world of the Sith, in order to confront Palpatine and stop the Final Order from launching their attack on the galaxy.

In the climactic Battle of Exegol, Poe demonstrates his skills as a pilot and a leader, coordinating a seemingly impossible battle against the overwhelming forces of the Final Order. His leadership inspires a galaxy-wide fleet of allies to rally to the aid of the Resistance, ultimately leading to the decisive defeat of Emperor Palpatine and the Sith forces.

Poe Dameron's character arc is one of growth and maturation, ultimately culminating in his establishing himself as a key figure within the Resistance and playing a crucial role in the victory over the dark forces threatening the galaxy. His journey is filled with thrilling action, poignant moments, and a strong sense of camaraderie with his fellow heroes, making him a beloved character in the Star Wars universe.

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