Name Summary
Ahsoka (Book)The "Ahsoka" book is a novel by E.K. Johnston that explores the untold journey of the beloved character Ahsoka Tano, who is a former Jedi Padawan and plays a significant role in the Star Wars universe.
Heir to the Empire Trilogy ( Books )The Heir to the Empire Trilogy is a series of books that continue the original Star Wars story.
Lost Stars"Lost Stars" is a canon Star Wars novel exploring the lives of two star-crossed Imperial and Rebel lovers.
Ronin ( Book )"Ronin" is a standalone novel set in the Star Wars universe, exploring an original story with connections to iconic elements such as lightsabers and the Force.
Skeleton CrewSkeleton Crew is unrelated to Star Wars and is not officially associated with it.
Thrawn AlliancesThrawn Alliances is a Star Wars novel exploring the complex alliances of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Twilight CompanyTwilight Company is a novel that explores the experiences of a Rebel Alliance military unit in Star Wars.