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The Gados are a race of sentient beings from the universe of Star Wars. Entity-wise, they bear a strong resemblance to robust humanoids having two arms but with an addition of four vaguely spider-like limbs growing from their sturdy torsos. Possessing both profound strength and surprising agility, these beings have developed a unique blend of grasping and acrobatic capabilities that are distinctive to their species. Basically trained as tradespersons, civil law enforcement officials, and acrobats, Gados are distinctively noticed as inhabitants of the planet known as Aduba-3.

In terms of physical characteristics, the facial appearance of Gados consists of tiny, beady eyes beneath elaborately feathered brows that sit above a broad flat nose. Their bodies are covered in brown, rugose skin that grows darker with age. They possess a lifespan that mirrors those of most humanoids. Throughout Galactic history, Gados were perceived as inhabitants of New Cov and Gall, and had their representation in the Galactic Senate in Coruscant, with Senator Simon Greyshade being one of the most notable of their kind. Owing to their intimidating built, they have typically been stereotyped as violent and menacing, however, in reality, the Gados are a peaceful and sociable species.

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