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The Lepi were a species of tall, lanky lagomorphs that originated from the planet Coachelle Prime in the Star Wars universe. Known for being constantly active, enthusiastic, and having quick reflexes, they were instantly recognizable by their leporine features, tall ears, buck teeth, lanky bodies, and feet designed for great leaping distances. They also had multi-colored fur and males traditionally had larger ear tufts than their female counterparts. The most famous Lepi was Jaxxon, a quick-witted mercenary who played a pivotal role in several incidents during the Galactic Civil War.

The Lepi species were noted for their unusual breeding patterns and high metabolisms. This resulted in an overpopulation of their species, encouraging many Lepi to leave their home planet to venture out into the galaxy. They were known to explore and settle other planets, and often took up jobs as scouts, explorers, and even smugglers due to their physical abilities and adventurous spirits. Their Community structures, often due to their hyperactive tendencies, were loose and they were known to place an importance on personal freedom. Despite their sometimes odd appearance and mannerisms to different species, the Lepi made their mark in various areas throughout the galaxy.

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