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The Gotal are a unique species found across the vast Star Wars galaxy, known for their distinctive head cones that serve as highly sensitive energy receptors. Originating from the moon Antar IV in the Prindaar system, these humanoid creatures detect both emotional and electrical energy changes, which they utilize as their primary sensory system. While this quality often gives them an advantage, it can also lead to situations of sensory overload, particularly in the midst of intensive energy fluctuations.

Gotals display a spectrum of alignment, including to the light and dark sides. They are found in many occupations like bounty hunting, smuggling, and also in legitimate jobs. Their heightened energy perception makes them effective mediators and diplomats. The Gotal appear in various Star Wars media, including movies, books, and animated series. Their unique physical features and energy perception abilities, coupled with their neutral alignment, adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the diverse universe of Star Wars.

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