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The Lasat are one of the numerous species that inhabit the vast Star Wars universe. Originating from the planet Lasan, they are a species of strong, agile and highly spiritual humanoids. They are renowned for their physical prowess which was adequately showcased by the character Garazeb Orrelios, a member of The Ghost Crew from the beloved Star Wars Rebels animated series. Lasats are quite large, averaging over two meters in height and have prehensile feet that they can use for gripping and climbing, reflecting their primate-like characteristics.

Traditionally, the Lasat were a peaceful tribe, deeply invested in their own culture, traditions, and spiritual beliefs. They took great pride in their martial art known as Bo-rifle staff technique, which was created exclusively for their use. The Bo-rifle was a weapon only wielded by their Honor Guards. It was tradition that any outsider wishing to own such a weapon would have to best a Lasat in personal combat or be gifted it by the weapon's owner.

Notable for their striking appearance, Lasats have long, thick purple-blue hair which grows on various parts of their body, including their head, chin, and around the ankles. Their facial structure is distinguished by a large square-shaped jaw, pinkish-purple, and yellow eyes. They also have four fingers on each hand which include a thumb and three fingers. This unique combination of aesthetics helps Lasats stand out from the myriad of other species in the Star Wars universe.

One of the defining elements of the Lasat species is their holistic spirituality which heavily draws from the concept of The Force, although they refer to this mystical energy as the "Ashla." They believe in prophecy and Destiny, concepts that are fundamental to their worldview. Their strong beliefs have facilitated a handful of Lasats to tap into The Force in ways that are distinctive from the Jedi, giving them unique abilities such as foresight.

The Lasat had to deal with a tragic annihilation which brought them on the verge of extinction. This disastrous event, known as the Fall of Lasan, saw Galactic Empire systematically eradicate the populous of planet Lasan. Grimly, this genocide was carried out as a result of the Emperor wanting to make an example out of the Lasan high council's resistance against his rule. Following this catastrophic event, it was thought that all Lasats were extinct until survivors like Garazeb Orrelios emerged.

the Lasat are one of the many layer-rich species that add depth to the beloved Star Wars universe. With their defining characteristics, culture, and tragic history, they exemplify the timeless theme of resilience against oppression, a theme that is seen throughout the Star Wars saga.

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