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Darth Bane


Born as Dessel on the planet of Apatros, Darth Bane was introduced to the expansive Star Wars universe in the novel "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction". He was a former Sith who became one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars lore, recognized as the sole survivor of the Sith order after the Jedi-Sith War. This war decimated most of the Sith, but it was Darth Bane who rose from the ashes and took on the moniker of Darth.

While working in the cortosis mines on Apatros, Dessel showed an exceptional ability in planning and strategy, which allowed him to rise through the ranks. During a card game gone wrong, he killed a man using the power of The Force and had to escape as the Republic had now issued an arrest warrant for him. He was then recruited by the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness, where he became known as Bane.

Outraged by their misguided principles, Bane eventually turned against the Brotherhood of Darkness. Using ancient Sith teachings, he learned to manipulate the dark side of The Force at a level unmatched by his peers. Bane recognized the self-destructive nature of the Sith order and the reason for their repeated failures. He believed the Sith order was weakened due to power being dispersed amongst many. To strengthen the Sith, he enacted the "Rule of Two".

The "Rule of Two" marked a radical shift in the Sith lineage. Darth Bane declared there should only ever be two Sith at a time – a master to embody the power and an apprentice to covet it. This ensured that when the apprentice became strong enough, they could overthrow the master, thereby becoming the master themselves and taking an apprentice. This cycle would inevitably create a stronger Sith with every new generation.

Darth Bane was also known for creating the fearsome "thought bomb", a devastating weapon powered by Sith and Jedi's collective force energy capable of annihilating everything in its radius. His reign as the Dark Lord ended almost two decades later when his apprentice, Darth Zannah, proved herself to be more powerful and seized the mantle from him, marking the first step into Bane's new Sith order.

Whilst a skilled and powerful Sith Lord, Bane was ultimately a tragic figure shaped by his surroundings and manipulated by the Sith Holocrons and the spirits residing within them. He left a profound impact on the Sith order and the entire Star Wars saga. His "Rule of Two" doctrine enabled the Sith to regain their power covertly, culminating in the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Plagueis, and eventually, Darth Vader.

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