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Darth Zannah


Darth Zannah was a female Human hailing from the planet Somov Rit who lived during the old Sith Wars in Star Wars lore. Her character was first introduced in the novel "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction" by Drew Karpyshyn. After her family was killed during a battle between Jedi and Sith forces, Zannah was taken as an apprentice by Darth Bane, one of the last surviving Sith Lords at that time. Trained in the traditions of the Sith, Zannah embraced her master's philosophy of the "Rule of Two", a policy stipulating that there can only be two Sith - a master and an apprentice - at any given time.

Throughout her training, Zannah quickly proved her aptitude for Sith sorceries and became skilled in the art of defensive dueling. Guided by her mastery of the dark side of The Force, she learned to use her power not only to attack, but also to cloud the minds of other beings, making them see terrifying illusions or making them forget her presence entirely. Despite being quite physically formidable, Zannah preferred to use her intelligence and manipulation to accomplish her goals.

Zannah was also recognized for her loyalty to her master, Bane. She did not challenge him until she felt ready, and when she did, it was with the intent of claiming his position in accordance with the Rule of Two. After a fierce duel on the planet Ambria, Darth Zannah emerged victorious and took on her own apprentice, Darth Cognus, therefore continuing the lineage of the Sith.

Despite being a Sith, Zannah was far from a one-dimensional character. She was often conflicted about her path, and rarely acted out of wanton cruelty or malice.

In terms of representation in Star Wars media, Darth Zannah is a huge leap forward. She is one of the few female Sith Lords depicted in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and is a complex and interesting character with a depth that is rarely seen in antagonistic roles. Her presence helped to shape the Sith philosophy and guide the Destiny of the Dark Side of the Force.

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