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Cham Syndulla


Cham Syndulla was a prominent Twi'lek freedom fighter who became a central figure in the fight against the aggression of both the Galactic Republic and later, the tyrannical Galactic Empire. He was originally featured in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series but subsequently appeared in Star Wars Rebels as well. Born on the planet Ryloth, Cham Syndulla was an advocate for his people's rights and welfare amid the turbulent times that the galaxy faced due to The Clone Wars and beyond.

During the Clone Wars, after the invasion of the Confederacy of Independent Systems led by Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor, Cham formed and led the Twi'lek resistance to defend his homeworld against the Separatists. It was in this time that he gained the support of the Jedi Order and became allied with Jedi Master Mace Windu, who assisted him in his mission to both protect his people and repel the invading forces from Ryloth.

Cham Syndulla's life was not only marked by his fight against the oppressive regimes of his time but also by personal relationships and hardships. He was the father of Hera Syndulla, who grew up to be a skilled pilot and a key member of The Ghost crew that formed the early stages of the Rebel Alliance. Cham's consistent involvement in the fight for freedom came at a high price, as his dedication to the cause often strained his personal relationships, particularly with his daughter Hera. For a time, the two were estranged due to their differing approaches to the struggle for liberation.

The gap between father and daughter began to close once again as the Galactic Empire tightened its grip on Ryloth. Cham recognized that the Empire presented an even greater threat than the Separatists had, and realized the need for a unified front to confront them. Consequently, he shifted his focus from just fighting for his homeworld to joining a larger rebellion. This newfound alliance with his daughter's cause led to a reconciliation between Hera and Cham.

In the Star Wars Rebels television series, Cham Syndulla made his appearance when Hera's Ghost crew sought his assistance in stealing an Imperial carrier. This mission was critical to the growing rebellion as it provided the much-needed expansion of their fleet. Cham's involvement in the task was instrumental in helping the rebels successfully execute the heist and ensure the team's escape from the clutches of the Empire. As the years went by, Cham continued his fight for freedom alongside his daughter and the larger Rebel Alliance, ultimately playing a part in the events leading up to the defeat of the Empire and the emergence of the New Republic.

Cham Syndulla's character represents the ever-present and strong-willed drive for liberty and the willingness to sacrifice one's personal life in pursuit of a greater cause. His experiences, both in the battlefield and the home front, signal the complexities that come with fighting for freedom and autonomy in a galaxy torn apart by war and fear.

Cham Syndulla's place in the Star Wars universe may not be as prominent as some other characters, but he remains an influential and inspiring figure whose dedication and commitment to his people and their collective freedom serve as a reminder of the power of resistance and the importance of fighting for what is right in the face of adversity.

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