Name Summary
Force DreamForce dream is when a Force-sensitive individual has visions or experiences while asleep.
Force EchoForce Echo is a phenomenon where the Force preserves imprints of past events.
Force EnergyForce energy in Star Wars is an inherent life energy guiding actions and empowering Jedi and Sith abilities.
Jedi characterThe Jedi characters in Star Wars are a revered and skilled order of Force-sensitive individuals who uphold peace and justice in the galaxy, often serving as defenders against the Sith and protectors of the innocent.
Jedi ConsularA Jedi Consular is a Star Wars role, focusing on diplomacy and knowledge.
Jedi CrusadersThe Jedi Crusaders were an ancient order of Jedi who fought against the Sith in Star Wars.
Jedi High CouncilThe Jedi High Council guides the Jedi Order's decisions within the Star Wars universe.
Jedi historianJedi historian is a character or profession within the Star Wars universe.
Jedi loreJedi lore serves as a foundational element in the Star Wars universe, encompassing the teachings, traditions, and mystical powers of the Jedi Order.
Jedi of the Republic"Jedi of the Republic is a Star Wars comic series that explores the adventures and challenges faced by Jedi knights during the events of the Clone Wars."
Jedi PadawanJedi Padawan is a term used in Star Wars to refer to a young Force-sensitive individual who is being trained in the ways of the Jedi by a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master.
Jedi PathThe Jedi Path is a guidebook providing an in-depth understanding of the Jedi Order in Star Wars.
Jedi SeekersJedi Seekers is a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, specifically a group of Force-sensitive individuals dedicated to finding and training potential Jedi Knights.
Jedi SpeedJedi Speed refers to the enhanced agility and quickness displayed by Jedi Knights in Star Wars.
Jedi Star CompassThe Jedi Star Compass is a navigational tool used by Jedi Knights in Star Wars.
Jedi TrainingJedi Training is an essential aspect in Star Wars, shaping Force-sensitive individuals into Jedi knights.
Jedi WayseekerA Jedi Wayseeker is an independent Jedi who pursues balance in the Force outside the Order's mandates.
Living ForceThe Living Force is an aspect of the Force focused on present life and instincts in Star Wars lore.
Ordu AspectuOrdu Aspectu is a mysterious and ancient Jedi splinter group mentioned in Star Wars lore.
Padawan braidPadawan braid represents a Jedi apprentice's progress and signifies their rank.
Path of the JediPath of the Jedi is a short film in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.
The ForceThe Force is the metaphysical and pervasive energy field in the Star Wars universe that binds all living things, endows certain individuals with extraordinary powers, and plays a central role in the eternal struggle between light and dark.
Will Of The ForceThe Will of the Force in Star Wars represents the mystical, guiding consciousness of the Force.