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Jedi Seekers

The Jedi Seekers were a sub-group within the Jedi Order during the time of The Clone Wars. They were tasked with exploring the galaxy and finding Force-sensitive individuals to bring back to the Jedi temple for training. Seekers were typically Jedi Knights or Padawans who had completed their training but had not yet been chosen for a specific role within the Order.

Seekers were allowed to travel alone or in pairs and were given a wide degree of freedom in their mission. They often disguised themselves as traders or travelers in order to blend in and avoid detection. Seekers were also instructed to be cautious when approaching potential Force-users, as many were unaware of their powers and could be easily overwhelmed.

Their efforts were particularly important during The Clone Wars, as the Jedi Order suffered significant losses and needed to replenish their ranks. Additionally, the Sith were actively recruiting new acolytes to join their cause, making the Jedi Seekers' job even more urgent.

One notable Jedi Seeker was Ahsoka Tano, who departed from the Order following false accusations and became a rogue Seeker, working to protect the galaxy in her own way. Another Seeker, Depa Billaba, was instrumental in discovering the young Caleb Dume (who would later become Kanan Jarrus) and bringing him to the Temple for training.

The Jedi Seekers were ultimately disbanded following the fall of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire. However, their legacy continued through the training of new Jedi and the passing down of Seeker knowledge and techniques.

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