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Jedi Consular


The Jedi Consular is a title given to one of the paths followed by members of the Jedi Order in the Star Wars universe. Unlike their counterparts, the Jedi Guardians who focused on physical combat and the Jedi Sentinels who balanced aspects of both paths, Consulars dedicated themselves mainly to the study of The Force. Their training and practices often heavily leaned toward knowledge, wisdom, and diplomacy. They aimed for non-violent solutions, and were often more reserved in comparison to their fellow Jedi. Jedi Consulars held prominent roles in history, politics, and teachings within the Jedi Order.

Jedi Consulars symbolized peace and negotiation in the Order. As diplomats, they spent their lives studying and interacting with the Force, seeking out ways to understand and harness its power for the sake of harmony. They are often known to have very strong Force abilities and are highly respected for their wisdom and power. Famous Jedi Consulars include renowned characters like Master Yoda, who was known for his superior knowledge and understanding of the force, and Master Qui-Gon Jinn, whose contemplative demeanor represented the very essence of the Consulars.

Despite their pacifistic nature, Jedi Consulars were trained in the art of lightsaber combat, albeit to a lesser extent than the Guardians. They adhered to the mantra that their abilities should be used for defense, not aggression. However, when required, they were ready to fight for the protection of the galaxy. As Consulars, they often wielded green lightsabers, which symbolized peace and growth, further emphasizing their commitment to harmony and diplomacy.

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