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Zeltrons are an exotic, humanoid species originating from the planet Zeltros in the Star Wars universe. Introduced in the expanded universe, now known as Star Wars Legends, their first appearance was in the Marvel Comics' series Star Wars 70: The Stenax Shuffle. Apart from their distinct physical characteristics, Zeltrons are renowned for their hedonistic and pleasure-seeking lifestyle, which makes their home planet, Zeltros, a popular hub for all kinds of galactic festivities.

Unlike humans whose skin tones range from light to dark shades of brown, Zeltrons possess a distinct, bright red pigmentation. Some members have deeper shades verging almost on purple. They have a humanoid structure, similar to humans, notably attractive, and typically have dark or, in some cases, vividly colored hair. Additionally, they have two, noticeably pointed canine teeth.

One unique trait of the Zeltrons is their empathic abilities. They possess the capability to sense and manipulate the feelings of others around them. This power is not limited only to their own species, but also extends to other species in the Star Wars universe. Using this ability, they can project their own feelings to influence others, usually projecting emotions of pleasure and happiness, in line with their overall hedonistic culture.

The Zeltron culture centers around enjoyment and indulgence in physical pleasures. Their planet is often depicted as a paradise of joy and celebration, with constant festivals, parties and other gala events. Their hedonistic lifestyle extends to their interpersonal relationships as well. Zeltrons are known for their open expressions of love and physical affection, as well as a lack of cultural stigmas related to such behaviors.

Despite their seemingly carefree and pleasure-focused lifestyle, the Zeltrons have also made significant contributions to the galactic society in Stars Wars. Some Zeltrons have been represented as skilled fighters and substantial allies. Their social and emotional skills, heightened by their empathic abilities, often make them efficient diplomats and negotiators as well.

the Zeltrons add a unique color to the intricate tapestry of the Star Wars universe's alien species. Their vibrant physical attributes, strong empathic abilities and an unapologetically hedonistic culture make them stand out amongst the diverse multitude of Star Wars species. Despite being introduced in the expanded universe, their influence permeates many corners of the Star Wars world, continually adding depth and entertainment to the revered space saga.

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