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The Woostoid is a minor race in the Star Wars franchise, not commonly known to casual fans. A primarily subterranean species, Woostoids were indigenous to the forest moon of Woostri, located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. They were distinct biologically, possessing three pairs of limbs, with the first pair acting as hands. The second and third pairs were equipped to crawl or burrow into the ground, features which are reflective of their mostly subterranean lifestyle.

Woostoids evolved underground, which shaped not only their physical traits but also their general characteristics. They had bald, broad heads and round bodies covered in leathery skin. Their hands ended with three fingers, optimized for digging and handling tools. They possessed an acute sense of smell that helped them navigate through the dark underground terrains of their homeworld. Additionally, their physical adaptations allowed them to survive substantial periods without food or water.

Despite their apparent physical peculiarities, Woostoids were more noteworthy for their intellectual accomplishments. They established themselves as renowned historians and librarians within the galaxy. Their planet, Woostri, was home to the Woostoid Historical Society - the single most comprehensive repository of historical, sociological, and technological information in the universe. Research was the primary occupation of the entire species with almost every Woostoid contributing to their collective knowledge base.

Their solicitous dedication to recording history extended beyond just their race and planet. They maintained a record of numerous species, civilisations, and events throughout the galaxy. They maintained neutrality in the tumultuous galaxy, and their commitment to their cause was such that they allowed free access to their collection for anyone seeking knowledge.

However, with all their intellectual wealth, Woostoids are seldom ever depicted or seen in Star Wars movies. They remain minor characters in the vast universe, with most references to the species being in Expanded Universe materials such as books, role-playing games, and comics.

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