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Yoda's species


Yoda's species, as far as Star Wars canon goes, remains shrouded in mystery. Known Mostly for Master Yoda and the Child, dubbed 'baby Yoda' (also known as Grogu), this species is characterized by its distinctive green skin, long lifespan, and its powerful connection to The Force. They are small in stature, standing less than a meter tall, but they possess strength and agility beyond what their small size might suggest. Despite their galaxy-wide renown from the presence of Yoda in the Galactic Republic, very little is known of their origins, their home planet, or their culture.

What is known, however, is that members of Yoda's species tend to manifest Force sensitivity at a very young age - as seen with Grogu, who, despite being 50 years old (equivalent to a human toddler), showed substantial prowess with the Force. Their long lifespan (Yoda lived for over 900 years) helps them gain wisdom, knowledge, and mastery over the Force over many centuries. Yoda, one of the most iconic members of his species, was Grand Master of the Jedi Order, thus showcasing the immense potential of their kind. Notwithstanding all this, the anonymity and mystery surrounding Yoda's species add an element of Marvel and intrigue to the Star Wars universe.

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