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Sure, I can provide a summary of the Vurk in HTML format. Here it is:

The Vurk is a species of sentient humanoid found in the Star Wars universe. They are notable for their reptilian characteristics and are native to the rainforest planet, Sembla. Vurks have a tranquil and patient demeanour, a trait that is heavily influenced by their homeworld's unpredictable tides and storms. They have a tough skin that ranges from greenish-gray to brown, long necks, drooping crests atop their skull, and typically walk with a slouch.

Vurks were integrated into the galactic Community, with some seen in the capacities of farmers, monks, and diplomats. One notable member of this species is Coleman Trebor, who served on the Jedi Council and was killed during the Battle of Geonosis. Despite their peaceful temperament, Vurks have a complicated social hierarchy revolving around 'tutors', a position earned through wisdom and knowledge. These tutors act as leaders, guiding the Vurks in their culture, which heavily emphasizes wisdom, patience, and understanding.

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