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The Ranat are a species from the Star Wars universe, also known as the Con Queecon. They are small, rodent-like aliens hailing from the planet Rydar II. Standing at about one meter tall, Ranats have long, hairless tails, rounded ears, and sharp incisors which never stop growing. They have been widely depicted as being cunning and smart, with dexterous digits which make them skilled thieves.

Ranats are typically grouped into clans, where food and resources are shared amongst the group. Their diet is omnivorous, but they lean heavily towards carnivorous tendencies, sometimes even resorting to cannibalism in dire situations. Although the Ranat were initially introduced as petty villains or annoying critters, they have been developed and depicted as intelligent and deeply cultural creatures throughout the series. Despite their rat-like appearance and initial reputation for thieving, the Ranat have a very distinct place in the Star Wars universe, proving yet again the rich diversity of life in the galaxy.

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