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The Vagaari are an aggressive and highly misunderstood species within the Star Wars universe. These nomads, native to the Unknown Regions, are characterized by their warrior-like culture, slaving practices, and disdain for droids. Their society is largely dominated by the Miskara, a subjugation practice, where the conquerors seize the possessions of their enemies, leaving them destitute, while positioning themselves in a state of continuous warfare.

Renowned for their unique battle tactics and superior cloaking technology, the Vagaari are often observed disguising their ships as asteroids to catch their opponents off-guard. Their infamous reputation reached its peak when they had a violent conflict with the Chiss Ascendancy and Thrawn, one of the most brilliant strategists in the Star Wars series. The Vagaari faced a significant setback when their fleet was decimated by the Chiss, but they are known for their tenacity and resilience, ensuring their survival in the vast galaxy.

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