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Toydarians are a species of short, rotund, flying creatures native to the planet Toydaria, which is located in the Hutt Space region of the Star Wars galaxy. They were first introduced in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, with a notable Toydarian character named Watto, who was a junk dealer and the owner of Anakin Skywalker and his mother.

Toydarians have a distinct appearance, which includes large, membranous wings, a long, snout-like nose, and a hovering gait. They are only about 1 to 1.5 meters tall and have a stout build. Although they have wings, they are not adept flyers, typically hovering just a few centimeters above the ground. Their wings tend to move in a fast, hummingbird-like motion that allows them to hover.

One of the most interesting biological features of Toydarians is their resistance to mental manipulation, such as Jedi mind tricks. This is due to their unique brain composition, which provides them with a natural immunity to mental intrusions. This trait makes them valuable allies and formidable opponents in situations that involve subterfuge and mental warfare.

The society of Toydarians is organized into a caste system, with a ruling class and a working class. The ruling class is made up of nobility and wealthy merchants, while the working class primarily consists of laborers, servants, and indebted individuals. Toydarian culture thrives on business and trade, with many Toydarians venturing off-world to establish their trading enterprises in other parts of the galaxy.

Toydarians are resourceful and pragmatic by nature, often using their negotiation skills and business acumen to outwit others. They are also known to be somewhat stubborn, with a strong sense of self-preservation. This characteristic can make them difficult to sway, but it also allows them to excel in negotiations and other situations that require mental resilience.

In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, also known as the Legends continuity, Toydarians further cement their reputation as skilled mechanics and traders. Many Toydarians work in various criminal organizations as a mechanic, racketeer, or other valuable professional. While their business practices are not always ethical, Toydarians are respected for their ability to adapt and survive in even the most challenging circumstances.

Toydarians are a fascinating species with unique traits and a culture centered on trade and commerce. Their resistance to mental manipulation, combined with their inherent resourcefulness and determination, makes them valuable allies and challenging adversaries. From their humble beginnings on the swampy planet of Toydaria to their success in the galaxy-spanning trading networks, Toydarians are a testament to the importance of adaptability and resilience in the Star Wars universe.

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