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Watto, a prominent character in the Star Wars universe, belongs to the Toydarian species, famous for their ability to resist Jedi mind tricks. Debuting in "Episode I: The Phantom Menace", Watto was introduced as a junk dealer living on the desert planet of Tatooine. Voiced by Andy Secombe, Watto speaks in a grammatically unique form of Basic, distinguishing him and adding depth to his character.

As the slave master of Anakin Skywalker and his mother Shmi, Watto is known for his crafty and exploitative nature. While not inherently evil, Watto is characteristically self-interested and pragmatic, concentrating on maximizing his profits. His business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills are frequently showcased throughout the early films, highlighting his significant influence on Anakin's early life.

Despite his tough exterior, Watto has a side that personifies the ambiguities of morality. He has shown a form of kindness and paternal care towards Anakin, albeit within the confines of a slave-master dynamic. Unfortunately, this relationship is strained and ultimately destroyed due to Anakin's bitterness over his and his mother's slavery.

To the audience, Watto’s appearance mirrors his personality traits. As a Toydarian, he possessed a rotund physique, wings for flight, a drooping snout, and blue skin. His overall appearance is unique and distinctive even amidst the diverse universe of Star Wars creatures. He is typically seen wearing an old vest and hat.

Watto stands out in the Star Wars universe as a morally complex character. He may not exhibit the soft-heartedness of some characters, but he does personify a realistic tangibility that makes him a fascinating character to observe. While some may view him as nothing more than an opportunistic trader, digging deeper into his characteristics and actions may provide a more comprehensive and multi-dimensional understanding of this character.

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