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The Thakwaash, also known as the Thakwash, are a species of individuals in the Star Wars universe, notably featured in the Star Wars Legends continuity. They are known for their distinctive equine appearance with some human attributes. Due to their similar appearance to horses, they are often referred to as horse-folk. Each Thakwaash has a unique design or pattern on its body, helping to distinguish one from another.

Originating from the planet Thakwaa, these incredibly diverse creatures are all capable of adopting specialized roles due to their physically different attributes such as pilot, warrior or philosopher, among others. They have three sexes and, in most cases, the Thakwaash have multiple minds, leading some to consider them mentally challenged or unstable.

Their multi-mind nature also gives them an innate ability to focus on multiple tasks concurrently. As a result, they can easily perform several tasks simultaneously, such as piloting and weaponry handling. This makes them efficient specialists, particularly in roles such as starfighter pilots that require multitasking and quick reactions.

The Thakwaash are a non-violent species under normal circumstances, preferring to resolve conflicts and disputes through discussion and detente rather than resorting to physical violence. However, they are also strong warriors when provoked and won't hesitate to defend themselves or their allies. They are fiercely loyal and are known to be reliable comrades until the end.

Notable members of the Thakwaash species include the Star Wars character, Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh, who was part of the Wraith Squadron in the Star Wars Legends. Runt was a notable exception to the species' general nature - he possessed twenty-one different minds, each corresponding to a different personality trait and specialty.

Despite only featuring in a few instances in the broader Star Wars franchise, Thakwaash are a beloved and unique addition to the expansive universe. Their striking appearance and fascinating multiple-mind trait make them distinctive and memorable within the diverse collection of characters and species present in Star Wars.

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