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The Barabel are a species of bipedal, reptilian beings that hail from the inhospitable world of Barab I. They are covered in protective scales and have strong, sharp claws which make them highly formidable. As a species, they are known for their hunting skills and their toughness, traits that make them feared and respected throughout the galaxy. The Barabel's physical abilities are matched and often enhanced by their impressive thermal vision and nocturnal adaptations.

Even though they might seem domineering and savage at first glance, the Barabel are also known for their strict code of honor and their loyalty. They are a deeply spiritual species, and they practice a faith that involves a great spirit they call "The Scorekeeper". An interesting cultural norm among the Barabel is their ritual of 'life-debts', wherein they pledge their life in service to another individual who has saved their life. Well-known Barabels in Star Wars include Saba Sebatyne, a Jedi Master during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and Shaka-ka, an ambassador in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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