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The Skakoans are a unique sentient species from the Star Wars universe, native to the planet of Skako. Notably, they are also known as 'pressure suits' due to their requirement to live in high-pressure environments, which is fairly representative of their home planets atmospheric conditions. The suit works to mimic these conditions and failing to wear this outfit can result in a violent, untimely death as the significant change in pressure can be fatal. Therefore, pressure suits were a crucial part of Skakoan culture and everyday life.

Physically, Skakoans appear humanoid and are roughly the same height and weight as the average human. Beneath their pressure suits, they have leathery skin and elongated heads. Their faces are characterized by a pair of wide-set eyes and a downward-pointing snout. Skakoans breathe a methane-based gas and excrete waste through their skin, which is then dealt with by their suits.

In terms of societal behavior, the Skakoans are a highly technologically advanced species and are known to have a somewhat clinical, emotionless disposition. This is reflected in their architecture too, which tends to be practical and functional, with little emphasis on aesthetic appeal. They are renowned throughout the galaxy for their technical expertise and have contributed significantly to the scientific advancements in the Star Wars universe.

Skakoans are notably associated with the Techno Union, a large Commerce Guild in the Star Wars universe that supplied droids and other tech to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Clone Wars. Wat Tambor, a Skakoan, was a prominent figure in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and animated series, serving as the Foreman of the Techno Union.

the Skakoans are a unique species in the Star Wars universe, noteworthy for their dependence on pressure suits and their prominent role in galactic industry and technological advancements. Despite their rarity and the fact that few Skakoans are featured prominently in Star Wars lore, the race has had a considerable impact on the evolution of the Star Wars universe's narrative.

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