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The Kobok is a unique species that belongs to the Star Wars universe. Hailing from the planet Kodai, these creatures are insectoids with impressive physical capabilities. They have large bodies with six limbs, each ending in claws, and their heads are surrounded by three antennae which function not just for sensory purposes but also as weapons. Koboks possess the ability to create sonic waves with these antennae, stunning their targets. Additionally, they are endowed with the capacity for short bursts of high speed, making them effective fighters.

Despite their formidable abilities, Koboks are not inherently aggressive. Played both in the Mizael series and Star Wars Legends, they are usually seen as bounty hunters or gladiator warriors. However, their depiction varies. They are often seen engaged in businesses requiring muscle power, rather than intellectual pursuits, due to their physicality and significant strength. The preeminent represents of the species are Gorm the Dissolver and Kiran Tatch, featured in the Star Wars comics and mobile games, where they are employed in roles that make use of their martial proficiencies.

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