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The Myneyrsh are a species of bipedal, sentient beings that originate from the planet Wayland in the Star Wars universe. They are depicted as short-heighted creatures with dark, furry bodies and large round eyes, providing them with exceptional night vision. The Myneyrsh are sailing enthusiasts, typically using reed boats for traversing Wayland's vast water bodies and flooded regions. Their societal structure is tribal, with families and clans gathering around defined leaders.

Despite being primitive compared to the technologically advanced Galactic civilizations, the Myneyrsh possess an intricate sense of spirituality and religion. They hold The Force in high esteem, perceiving it as a goddess named Pomojema. Their Legends describe Pomojema as a snake-like entity who bestows powers and life on her worshippers. The Myneyrsh culture is enriched with stories and rituals associated with this religious deity.

The Myneyrsh had little contact with other species until the time Abeloth, the embodiment of chaos in the Force, took over Wayland. Using her power, Abeloth created a city on the planet and enslaved the Myneyrsh and the Psadan, another indigenous species. This marked a dramatic shift in the history and culture of the Myneyrsh. However, the species maintained their religious beliefs, even incorporating Abeloth into their pantheon as an Avatar of Pomojema.

Despite their enslavement and the subsequent clash with the Galactic civilizations, the Myneyrsh emerged as resilient species known for their sailing skills and rich culture. Their unique perception of the Force and the distinctive place of Pomojema in the Star Wars mythology add to their fascination.

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