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Blood Carver


The Blood Carvers are an intelligent species that originates from the planet Batorine. They are known for their tall height, long slender limbs, craved chest and insect-like lower body parts. The Carvers have an average lifespan of over 90 years and produce a single offspring once in their lifetime. Notable for their intricate craftsmanship, the Blood Carvers are revered as skilled artists in the Star Wars galaxy. Their name is derived from their extraordinary abilities to carve intricate artistic designs into wood, stone, metal, and even flesh, which is a significant part of their culture.

Blood Carvers, despite their pacifist and artistic reputation, can also be fierce warriors owing to their high levels of agility and strength. The bloody conflicts and harsh environments of Batorine predispose them to be survivalists. Their culture values honor, artistry, and personal achievement, which often drives them to excel in various pursuits. They are capable of communicating in Basic as well as their native tongue. In the Star Wars universe, the most known Blood Carver is an assassin named Vor'en Kurn, who appears in the "X-Wing Series."

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