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Light of the Jedi

Light of the Jedi is the first novel in the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project, which is set two centuries before the events of the Skywalker Saga. Written by Charles Soule, the book was released in January 2021 and provides a new perspective on the golden age of the Jedi Order when they were at the height of their power in the galaxy.

The story begins with the Great Disaster, a catastrophic event caused by the destruction of a transport called the Legacy Run. The resulting crisis in hyperspace threatens numerous star systems and forces the Republic and the Jedi to respond immediately to minimize the damage. The Jedi, led by Avar Kriss, have a more decentralized presence in the galaxy, acting as guardians of peace and justice from multiple outposts.

During the response to this disaster, we are introduced to a diverse cast of Jedi, each with their unique abilities and connections to The Force. These characters include Elzar Mann, a brilliant Jedi who seeks to explore the mysteries of The Force; Bell Zettifar, a dedicated Jedi Padawan with a strong bond to his master, Loden Greatstorm; Keeve Trennis, a rebellious Jedi Knight who is unsure of her role in the Order; and the veteran Jedi Master Sskeer, who struggles with a deep, personal trauma.

As the Jedi and the Republic work together to stabilize the affected regions and investigate the cause of the disaster, they come into conflict with a new enemy called the Nihil. The Nihil is a ruthless and anarchic group of marauders led by a cunning strategist known as Marchion Ro. With their unique control over hyperspace travel and brutal tactics, the Nihil poses a significant threat to the galaxy's peace and stability.

The story also delves into the politics of the High Republic era, characterized by the ambitious Chancellor Lina Soh's vision of a unified and prosperous galaxy. Through exploration of new worlds and expansion of the Republic's influence, Soh introduces the Starlight Beacon, a space station designed to facilitate diplomatic and cultural exchange in the Outer Rim territories.

The novel sets the stage for intertwining narratives and character arcs that span across various other High Republic projects, such as comics, young adult novels, and children's books. This era allows the readers and the creators to explore a period of Star Wars history where the galaxy is thriving, but still threatened by emerging dangers.

Light of the Jedi serves as an enthralling introduction to the Star Wars: The High Republic series, showcasing a new era and the noble heroes who stand against the forces of chaos and darkness. The captivating storytelling, original characters, and fresh perspective on the Jedi Order make it an engaging read for both new and longtime fans of the Star Wars universe.

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