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Avar Kriss


Avar Kriss is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe who was introduced as part of the 'High Republic' series, a collection of books that explore the Galaxy approximately 200 years before the events of the Star Wars prequels. Avar is a highly respected and immensely powerful Jedi. She is presented as a beacon of hope, embodying the core principles of the Jedi's duty to bring light and peace to the galaxy.

As a human woman, Avar Kriss hails from the planet of Lianorm. Due to her repute, she often serves as an inspiring figure and a natural leader within the Jedi Order during the High Republic era. What sets her apart from other Jedi is her ability to perceive The Force. While each Jedi perceives it differently, Avar experiences it as a vast, divine music that she calls "The Song of The Force."

Master Kriss is stationed at Starlight Beacon, a giant space station that serves as an embassy to connect the Outer Rim Systems to the Republic. Its strategic location allows the Republic to reach far corners of the galaxy during emergencies and makes it an ideal defence outrun for any possible threats.

One of her remarkable accomplishments is her heroic act during the Great Hyperspace Disaster, where a transport ship called the 'Legacy Run' breaks into pieces in hyperspace, causing widespread destruction. Using her unique abilities, Avar connects with Jedi across the galaxy to save billions of lives from the disaster. In recognition of her leadership during the crisis, she is appointed as the Marshal of Starlight Beacon.

Although she's not one to seek personal glory, Avar Kriss is considered a symbol of the strength and benevolence of the Jedi Order during the High Republic era. Her sense of justice, coupled with her deep understanding of the force, shapes her into a true leader and stalwart defender of peace in the galaxy.

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