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<p>Snivvians, often referred to as Snaggletooths, are a bipedal species that feature in the Star Wars universe. They hail from the frigid world of Cadomai Prime located within the Outer Rim territories. The Snivvians are short and sturdy. They have broad, flat faces with widely-spaced eyes, a pair of tusks, and a downturned mouth which gives them a gloomy expression. This species is best known by many fans through the character Zutton, also known as Snaggletooth, a classic action figure who made an appearance in the original Star Wars Cantina scene.</p> <p>Interestingly, the Snivvians are known for their creativity and are frequently employed across the galaxy as artists, authors, and sculptors, a trait that is ingrained from their home planet. The harsh conditions of Cadomai force them into hibernation during winter, and this period is used for introspection and creativity. Notably, some Snivvians are also known to be bounty hunters and mercenaries, with one such example being the infamous Marn Hierogryph.</p>

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