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The Kiffar are a humanoid species in the Star Wars universe who hail from the planet of Kiffu and its nearby sister planet, Kiffex. Notable for their distinct physical features, Kiffar possess a unique form of natural body art - a series of facial tattoos often inherited through their family line. Additionally, one in a hundred Kiffar is gifted with psychometric powers, an innate ability to read the history of objects by touching them, a notable trait possessed by Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos.

Besides their distinctive features, Kiffar society is equally intriguing. It is closely knit and is primarily based on extended family clans that wield considerable influence. It's important to note that Kiffar family clans oftentimes possess private security forces, which provide law enforcement on their homeworlds. These security forces are highly trained to combat the Dark Jedi and the Anzati – frequent threats to the Kiffar planets. with their unique abilities, lore, and societal structure, the Kiffar contribute distinct and important elements to the Star Wars universe.

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