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The Chagrian species are an amphibious species native to the world of Champala. They are often easily recognizable due to their unique characteristics such as the two massive, spiraling horns growing from the heads, and the smaller tendril-like horns coming down from their chins. They are colorfully vibrant with blue skin, ranging from light blues to inky shades, and possess the ability to live without food or water for long durations. The Chagrians are a tall and imposing figure, both powerful and intimidating, often standing over two meters tall.

In terms of career paths, many Chagrians are inclined towards politics, with Mas Amedda, a Chagrian, serving as the Vice Chancellor to Supreme Chancellor Valorum, and later Emperor Palpatine. Despite the fact that Champala was a core world under the Republic, many isolated Chagrian communities remained scattered throughout the galaxy, even during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The Chagrians are known for their sternness, and they hold tradition and the rule of law in high regard. They have a reputation for exceptional memory, adding to their administrative skills.

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