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The Keshiri were a species of humanoid aliens who resided on the planet Kesh, located in the Wild Space region of the galaxy. They were most notably known for their purple skin, richly colored hair which ranged from white to black, and deep violet eyes. The Keshiri held a belief in the Destructors and the Protectors, deities who were based on ancient and dark memories of the Sith and Jedi's conflict.

The Keshiri had demonstrated several unique characteristics. They were highly skilled artists, who placed significant emphasis on artistic beauty. Keshiri were also known for their belief in the Skyborn – ancestral gods who they believed to have descended from the stars. This belief became significant when the Sith crash-landed on Kesh and the Keshiri accepted them as their gods.

During the Great Hyperspace War, the Keshiri species had initial contact with the Sith Empire. Not long after their first interaction, the planet Kesh became a secluded Sith society. This began when a Sith Lord’s ship made an accidental landing on Kesh and convinced the Keshiri that they were their skyborn gods.

The Keshiri, then, were forced into a life of slavery under the Sith. However, the Sith's rule didn't go unchallenged. A resistance movement named the Keshiri Resistance rose among the natives, striving to liberate their people from the Sith's reign. Despite the movement's resilience, it was brutally suppressed and the Sith's rule continued for thousands of years.

What was unique about the Keshiri was that they held on to their culture, religion, and traditions, even under the dominion of the Sith. This resilience and continuity of culture were strong themes throughout the Keshiri's history. Over time, their bodies bore sinuous, swirling tattoos, telling tales of their courage, bravery, and resilience in the face of adversity.

the Keshiri are examples of resilience, culture, and overcoming adversity within the Star Wars universe. Despite centuries of subjugation, they continued to maintain their identity, culture, and their beliefs, defying their oppressors, and persisting in their ways throughout their history.

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