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Wild Space

Wild Space, in the Star Wars universe, refers to a region located beyond the Outer Rim Territories, on the border of the Known Universe. Known for its chaotic nature and vast unexplored territory, it is a place where travelers often lose their way due to the lack of navigational information available. The region is difficult to navigate and isn't thoroughly charted, mostly due to unpredictable spatial phenomena and hazardous conditions.

Unlike the Unexplored Regions (or Unknown Regions), which had semi-reliable maps, Wild Space is relatively uncharted. It mostly includes partially explored regions that didn't get classified under the Unknown Regions but were just as wild and bizarre. Wild Space is filled with numerous undiscovered star systems, celestial phenomena and it is often subject to change since new objects and systems are regularly discovered by explorers. This uncertain and ever-evolving nature of the region makes it a dangerous and thrilling destination for adventurers.

Popular in Star Wars lore for its uncertainty and the presence of ancient, mysterious civilizations, Wild Space is home to various alien species and primitive cultures. Its planets like Zonama Sekot are known for their unique bio-technical feats, while planets like Teth, inhabited by Hutt crime lords, showcase the lawlessness of the region. The region also contains worlds like Mortis and Abeloth's planet, places steeped in incredible force phenomena.

Wild Space holds a significant place in the Star Wars saga as the birthplace of the Skywalker lineage. The desert planet of Jakku, an isolated, lawless world situated in Wild Space, plays a pivotal role as it sets the stage for significant events in the series, such as the final battle of the Galactic Civil War and the discovery of Rey, the trilogy's force-sensitive protagonist.

Despite its challenges, Wild Space represents the limitless potential and boundless exploration intrinsic to the Star Wars universe. It symbolizes the vast, untamed frontier of space, teeming with uncharted systems, uncategorized species, and untold stories waiting to unfold.

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