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The K43, also known as Draboon K43, is a planet located in the Outer Rim of the Star Wars universe. It was introduced in the Lucasfilm animated series, "Star Wars: Resistance," which is part of the Star Wars canon. The planet was featured in the 12th episode of the series' second season, "The Missing Agent".

K43 is characterized by active volcanic activity, and is inhabited by sentient Rock people, which are beings made entirely of stone. These beings are unique to K43 and are known to be isolationists residing deep within the planet's lava tubes. This inhospitable terrain, combined with its distant location, make K43 a rather obscure and less frequently visited place in the galaxy.

The storyline of "The Missing Agent" revolves around the attempt to rescue an undercover Resistance agent trapped on the planet. The main characters in the series, including Kazuda Xiono and his companions, are engaged in interactions and conflicts with bounty hunters working for the First Order on K43.

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