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Kazuda Xiono


Kazuda Xiono, often simply known as 'Kaz', is a character from Star Wars universe, chiefly featured in the animated television series, Star Wars Resistance. Voiced by actor Christopher Sean, Kazuda is a young pilot from the planet Hosnian Prime, who was recruited by Poe Dameron of the Resistance to undertake covert operations against the First Order.

Kazuda Xiono was initially an ace pilot for the New Republic. His skills impressed Poe Dameron during their chance meeting, which led Poe to recruit Kaz into the Resistance. After becoming part of the Resistance, Kaz was sent to the Colossus, a massive refuelling station on the planet Castilon, where he operated as a spy under the cover of being a fledgling mechanic.

The character of Kazuda Xiono was a livewire, often fumbling and bumbling, which brought an element of humor to the series. Yet he was shown to possess an inherent bravery and a keen sense of justice. Over time, he grew from being a naive rookie into a true hero, demonstrating courage and leadership as he often took on dangerous missions to protect his friends and the Colossus.

Through the course of Star Wars Resistance, Kazuda develops close relationships with other residents of the Colossus, such as the members of Team Fireball, who are also mechanics, and the reformed Stormtrooper, Jarek Yeager, who becomes a mentor figure to him. His journey in the series is one of growth and understanding, learning not just about the First Order's evil plans, but also about friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what is right.

Kazuda Xiono from Star Wars Resistance is a unique and engaging character in the Star Wars universe. While he initially seems like just a clumsy young man, he displays a tremendous amount of growth throughout the series, proving himself to be an effective spy and an admirable ally for the Resistance.

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